Build Better Software

The secret to DevOps is in your teams.

By helping you focus on your culture, Eiara can help you develop technical capability and improve team cohesion.

Better Tools

DevOps asks your teams to face new challenges with new tools with new ways of working.

Eiara brings decades of industry experience directly to your team, guiding your growth to mastery with the right tools.

Better Teams

DevOps asks teams to relearn their communication and be a bigger part of project lifecycles.

Eiara works with your team leads to build processes and strategies that will build the continuous feedback and cross-functional disciplines their teams will need to fully enable the shift-left philosophy.

Better Culture

DevOps doesn’t end in IT, it works across the organisation and touches every role.

Eiara works with your executive and managerial teams to navigate the cultural transformation of DevOps to redefine projects, enable new conversations, and deliver better outcomes.


In today’s fast-paced industry, training is a vital part of keeping your team sharp, productive, and forwards-looking.

Eiara will help you upskill your development and operations teams with everything from off-the-shelf single or multi-day courses, to bespoke sessions and individual mentoring.

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OpenStack-Specific Configuration for Mastodon

Getting Cloud Island launched was a solid 6 weeks of effort, developing the infrastructure-as-code that we felt was necessary for a modern and robust web deployment.

We’ve talked about the design of Cloud Island and about how we think of infrastructure, the three-tier architecture and the benefits that it …

On Planning Infrastructure

If you’ve followed me on Twitter for the last few months, you’ve been seeing me talk a lot about what I’m doing with Cloud Island1. I also wrote a great article on the design behind Cloud Island and the decisions that we made.

While I was …

Designing Cloud Island

At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, Eiara resumed work on Cloud Island, a Mastodon1 instance hosted entirely within New Zealand. We built out an entire deployment infrastructure toolchain for Catalyst Cloud instead of relying on overseas clouds like AWS or Azure. We did this to show that …

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