Training - Deliberate Culture

Deliberate Culture helps your staff understand how your culture works, what you truly value, and how to adapt to best work with modern development practises.


Your team talks about “culture fit”. But what is their culture, and what fit are they trying to find? Is the culture they’re trying to fit the best choice for tomorrow’s business needs?


This session focusses on using our past experiences and actions as a basis for discussion around the implicit and organic cultures that form in technical organisations, and how we act within those cultures.

Once we’ve discussed the cultural underpinnings, the conversation will centre why these cultures arose, the actions they lead us towards, how culture is an implicit agreement for acceptable behaviour.

We will then move on to asking ourselves how we can move from the implicit culture we find ourselves in, towards a more intentional and designed culture. We will discuss communications tools and techniques that generate collaborative outcomes and how we can integrate them into our team interactions.

Overall, we work to move from an implicit, dominion-centric world towards a designed, service-centric culture, by asking ourselves the fundamental question that threads through modern team interaction:

Is this who we want to be?

With a focus on software development, this session will be guided from a perspective of the potentially destructive nature of implicit cultures. We will place particular focus on how integrating modern development practises and DevOps is difficult to achieve without explicitly prioritising the necessary cultural design.

This session is presented as a collaborative exploration in a safe space, where what is said in the session will stay in the session. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to share their own stories if they feel comfortable doing so.

This session has space for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 attendees, and will run for an hour and a half.